Please deport me, there’s no work in Britain, illegal immigrant begs judge

Isa Teryaki, 20, from Turkey, was arrested after using a fake passport to try to acquire a National Insurance number.

His lawyer Robert Smith asked the judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court to considern “deportation” during sentencing after his client requested he was made to leave the UK to return to Turkey so he could find a job elsewhere.

Robert Smith, mitigating, added that Teryaki paid £300 for the forged passport in London when he was 15 and was living in Stoke-on-Trent with his sister who holds a British passport.

Mr Smith said: “He made a decision he bitterly regrets, to seek work. He was desperate, he had no money.”

Yesterday a judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court sentenced him to year in prison. He had pleaded guilty to using a false document at the Hanley Jobcentre on February 22.

The good news for Teryaki is that he is likely to have his wish granted.

Mr Justice Styler told him: “You sought to use a false passport to get a National Insurance number so you could enjoy the benefits of people who are lawfully in this country.

“I anticipate the National Border Agency will be obliged to deport you.”

The economic downturn has led to hundreds of illegal immigrants sleeping rough in west London.

They came to Britain to work as labourers on house-building projects, some of them paying criminal gangs to smuggle them in.

In an attempt to avoid deportation if caught, they destroyed their own passports. Now they face the dilemma of wishing to return home but not having the documents to prove their countries of origin.

The UK Border Agency said: “Each case has to be dealt with individually and some can be complex, with many not having travel documents or not wishing to comply with the documentation process.


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