State wants serial rape conviction

PN Serial Rapist0924

The state has called for the alleged Pretoria serial rapist to be convicted on the bulk of charges against him.

Nearly all the alleged victims identified him within seconds at an ID parade, all noted the scar on his chest and he was linked via DNA to nearly all of the women, the State argued.

Prosecutor Cornelia Harmzen told Pretoria High Court Judge Cynthia Pretorius yesterday that there caould be no doubt that Reginald Temana, 20, had inflicted the reign of terror on women over five months from October 2009 to March 2010, when he was arrested.

It is claimed Temana raped 10 women. In nine of the incidents he is said to have robbed them while threatening them with a knife.

One of the alleged victims named in the charge sheet did not give evidence and the State conceded it could not prove this charge against Temana.

He also faces a charge of rape and murder of an unidentified woman whose half-naked body was discovered in an abandoned part of Schubart Park flats.

He was linked to this woman via his semen, but Judge Pretorius questioned whether he could be convicted of rape, as the dead woman could not testify as to whether she had consented to having sex or not.

The State also conceded that it could not ask for a murder conviction on this charge, as a pathologist testified the woman had died of injuries she sustained in a fall, and there was no evidence linking Temana to the killing.

The only victim he was not linked to via DNA was a 37-year-old woman, whom he allegedly attempted to rape.

She testified that she, like nearly all the other alleged victims, had been waiting for a taxi in Bloed Street when Temana grabbed her by the neck and dragged her to the mountain behind Langenhoven High School, near the zoo.

He had thrown her to the ground and tried to have sex with her, but she had managed to kick him and she got away, she testified.

All the women – including his youngest alleged victim, who was 16 at the time – had the same story to tell, of a short, friendly man who turned into a brutal rapist who pounced on them on the mountain.

The State said Temana should also be convicted of robbery with aggravating circumstances, as the women had been threatened by the violence which accompanied the rape at knifepoint.

Defence advocate Simon Moeng said it appeared that his client’s motive was to rape and not to rob the victims.

Temana took the opportunity to rob the victims after raping them, but this was clearly not his main objective, he said.

The advocate argued that if the motive was robbery, it could have been carried out when they were accosted while waiting for taxis.

The court was also told that in many cases the alleged victims did not actually see a knife.

The State had thus not proved robbery with aggravating circumstances. But the judge wanted to know whether the rape was not enough violence to subdue the alleged victims in handing over their possessions.

Regarding the rape charges, where his client was linked via DNA evidence, the advocate conceded that the State had proved its case.

However, he said the court should accept Temana’s evidence regarding his last alleged victim, who had managed to alert the police.

Temana claimed this woman was his girlfriend and that they had consensual sex. This prompted the judge to ask the defence advocate: “Are you serious?”

This woman had testified in tears about how she was brutally raped on the mountain and how she was robbed of all her belongings.

Judgment will be on July 12.


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