Football fans to be banned from Northampton town centre if Euro 2012 trouble flares

Police have warned football fans who misbehave during England’s next match in Euro 2012 will be banned from the town centre.


Landlords are expecting a busy night on Friday when England take on Sweden in the second match of the tournament, being staged in Poland and Ukraine.

Police have said they will not tolerate those who misbehave and will use powers under Section 27 of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006 to ban them from the town for 48 hours.

Chief Superintendent Simon Blatchly, who is leading the local policing operation around Euro 2012, said: “The tournament has produced some exciting games with plenty of passion and local football fans have entered into the spirit of the occasion to date.

“We want fans of all nationalities to have a great time and enjoy watching their team play but we also need to remind them to stay safe and drink responsibly.

“If you cheer your team on and behave in a way that enables everyone watching you with you to enter into the festival spirit, you won’t hear from my officers.

“However, if you become abusive and hostile and commit crimes or anti-social behaviour, then we will come down on you very hard indeed.

“We have several powers available to us to deal with those who step out of line and we will not tolerate drunks misbehaving or spoiling for a fight in our town centres.

“Watch the amount you drink and do not drink and drive under any circumstances. Be aware of your circumstances at all times and make sure you take care of yourself when out and about.”


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