Plan B Apologises For Wearing Skrewdriver T-Shirt

The London-bred rapper appeared on the frontcover of Shortlist magazine wearing a t-shirt with the name of a neo-Nazi music group, Skrewdriver, emblazoned on it.

According to the website The Quietus, the iLL Manors rapper has released a statement in which he expresses regret for wearing the controversial t-shirt:

“I was ignorant to the existence of the band Skrewdriver. I don’t listen to music like that so I wouldn’t know the names of bands that make that music,” he said.

Plan B also explained that the hand-made t-shirt was created using photos from photographer Gavin Watson’s book Skins, and he used the images because he believed they represented the “demonised youth of the past.”

“Not all of them were racist but because some of them were, the rest were all tarred with the same brush. That is why I feel the images of the skinheads represented in Gavin’s work are relevant to me and this generation.”

He then went on to explain: “Gavin is a friend and the people he took photos of were his friends who listened to reggae and ska music. He documented life in those times, some of the people he shot may have been racists but his family and close friends weren’t.”

“The minute I found out what the words on the T-shirt meant I was angry with myself for not questioning them,” he explains.

“The T-shirt is not official nor is it on sale anywhere. It was of my own doing and therefore it is my mistake, but that is all it is,” he added.


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