Ohio Lawmaker Wants To Crack Down On Illegal Immigrants

An Ohio lawmaker said on Wednesday that he thought the time was right to implement strong immigration laws.

State Rep. Courtney Combs, a Republican from Hamilton, proposed an immigration law similar to one in Arizona that has sparked controversy across the country.

Arizona’s law allows law enforcement officials to demand immigration papers.

Combs said that he came up with the idea for the law more than a year ago but did not move forward because the similar law in Arizona was being challenged.

According to Combs, the time is right to propose the law because the Supreme Court has ironed out the issue.

“I have no problem with immigration,” Combs said. “Immigration is a great thing, but it’s got to be done right. It’s got to be done legally.”

Combs said that his bill would allow officers to question a person’s immigration status if pulled over for another violation. The bill states that an officer should not consider a person’s race, color or national origin in determining whether reasonable suspicion exists.

Immigration activists questioned possible enforcement.

“I think it’s hard to make that distinction of undocumented versus documented versus immigrant versus native,” said Dream Activist Ohio member Nick Torres. “I’m a lifelong Ohioan, but I don’t know if I’ll be placed under suspicion. I’ve got dark hair.”

Combs said that drugs also were an issue in the case of immigration.

“We, Ohioans, are in the middle of all this drug trafficking, and yes, there is a problem in Ohio with illegal immigrants with drugs, and we need to stop it,” Combs said.

Torres said that the proposed law would not have that effect.

“In this dragnet of immigration enforcement, we’re seeing people with no more than a traffic offense or an unpaid parking ticket who are now being swept up and deported,” Torres said.

Combs said that he hopes to introduce the legislation in September, when the House returns from recess.


Illegal immigrant arrested for DUI


 Jorge Mendez-Perez
Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies spotted a suspected drunk driver Tuesday night, but when they tried to pull him over, he fled.

Besides a possible DUI, the reason for the attempted traffic stop was due to the driver speeding in excess of 85 miles per hour, along with cutting in and out of lanes.

The pursuit came to end near Interstate 10 and Dysart Road where a deputy blocked the intersection.

31-year-old Jorge Mendez-Perez eventually pulled over and deputies had to force him out of his pickup truck, which slammed into a MCSO cruiser because it was still in gear.

Deputies say Mendez-Perez smelled of alcohol and he was arrested for DUI.  Nine empty cans of Bud Light were in his truck, along with two full cans.

Mendez-Perez is an illegal immigrant and didn’t have a driver’s license.

Illegal immigrant in Brownwood charged with fondling girl

An illegal immigrant living in Brownwood is in custody in the Brown County Jail for allegedly fondling a girl younger than 14, according to Brownwood police.

Felipe Lopez, 26, was charged early Tuesday with one count each of indecency with child by sexual contact, burglary of habitation with intent to commit a sexual offense, and evading arrest.

Bonds totaling $110,000 were set, but Lopez won’t be released because he is an illegal immigrant.

The alleged indecency incident happened Monday, police reported.

According to police, the girl’s mother confronted Lopez Tuesday at his residence. Lt. Tracy Delgado said police were called to a disturbance there because an argument ensued.

When officers arrived, Lopez ducked out the back door and evaded police for three hours before being caught several blocks away, Delgado said.

Suspected illegal immigrants stopped in mid west

Police say they pulled over two speeding vehicles on Brand Highway, near Mingenew, about 7.30pm (WST).

Police say none of the occupants were able to provide proper identification and were detained under the Immigration Act.

Three Malaysian men, a Vietnamese woman and her five-month-old child were taken to Geraldton Police Station.

Sergeant Grant Rosman says police will be handing over the investigation to immigration authorities.

Immigration Department have now taken over that investigation and looking at their validity to be in Australia,” he said.

Police allege the Vietnamese woman had been illegally working at a plantation in Carnarvon.

Gun Shots Fired on Second Street Saturday Night

11:45 a.m. Framingham Police Lt. Ron Brandolini said no arrests have been made in Saturday night’s shooting.


Framingham Police responded to a report of gun shots at 113 Second St at 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, according to the Framingham Police log.

Initial scanner reports had the gun shots coming from two houses on Second Street.

The Scanner also reported that two dark-skinned males wearing hoods ran towards the Carlson Road area.

Framingham Policce were using the K-9 unit last night.